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Art Themes:

R.U.R. -From Cabinet 3

The idea of dystopian world view was imagined and written way before internet age. The play R.U.R. written by Karel Capek in 1920 was such an example of dystopian fiction culminating an epic calamity. This was a personal project not only to illustrate the play but also to contrast old versus new and express the limits of humanity.

Abandoned/Restored -From Cabinet 1

The “Abandoned/Restored” group of works are about expressing torn down values and the process of rebuilding what was destroyed. The bottom line is that a life matters in spite of all sorts of conflicts which come along. When chaos or catastrophe hits, no matter how devastating it may seem, instinct tells us to rebuild life with what is left behind, even if it will never be the same again.

It’s a continuation of the previous themes, “Interiors,” “Fortresses,” and “Retreats;” but its images depict ruins, rubble, nurses, and a struggling society early particularly in the last century.

Abandoning and restoring is also about the value of humility. It requires great amount of humbleness, secure personally, and mature enough to laugh at our own foibles. Some paintings depict pierrot, or a harlequin’s act to give the comedic aspect of the process of restoration.

Dwellings -From Cabinet 2

The context of dwellings varies individually…
The idea of this theme is the exploration of different ideas and settings; what it is to live in ever changing circumstances. While we move from place to place, who we are as individuals remains rooted in our personal beliefs.

Interiors, Fortress, Retreat -From Archives

This is about reclaiming one’s self-identity. Too often we’re living in a fast paced world tendency to forget what’s truly important. These paintings are about symptoms of melancholy. It’s about realization of loss of self, value, mental-spiritual well-being. Figures are lifeless bound in some unknown places and in by gone era; haunting wishing if they could be out of confinement of fixed formats.

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